The house mouse (Mus domesticus) is cause for alarm in a home or on a commercial property. Mice can leave droppings around the building, contaminate food and be a general nuisance to the people on the property. If you need professional mouse control services on your premises, get in touch with Premier Pest Control immediately.

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While there are products that can be purchased to remove mice from a residential or commercial property they are not always entirely effective. Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving over-the-counter mice poison around the building. Similarly, while mousetraps are a popular method of extermination, it can take a while for this to work and may be difficult to implement at a workplace with lots of people walking around.

At  Premier Pest Control we are committed to using industry-leading equipment and tools to ensure your premises are free of mice in a way that is quick, efficient and secure. We also understand the best practices when it comes to things like mouse control and using traps and poison is to determine which scenarios are appropriate for usage and how they should be administered. The products we use are safe and quick-working– all of which are professionally made products safe for home or business use.

Mice are a public health pest. If you own or run a business that has mice on the premises, you need to quickly eradicate this problem to ensure you do not break any public health and/or food hygiene laws. There have been numerous incidents over the years, where business have received large fines and even closed down, due to mice problems that have not been eradicated.

If you do have a business that has mice issues, we always recommend an ongoing pest control contract, to ensure your business stays pest-free. Premier Pest Control will take a free survey and quote.

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