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Commercial Pest Control Services

In addition to domestic pest control, we also offer commercial pest control services. Infestations of pests like rodents and insects are even more dangerous for commercial properties. Whatever your industry, from restaurants to retail, pests can have an extensive negative impact on your livelihood. Whether the infestation is inside or on the outside of the building, it can damage your reputation. The quality of your business and its overall image will struggle if clients can see, hear, or smell these pests when visiting your establishment.

Even if you take steps to eradicate the infestation, customers can still spread the word. They could even report you to the authorities for poor trading standards. Rodents, birds, and bugs can all carry and transmit diseases on their bodies and in their droppings. Their presence is a violation of health and safety regulations, especially in places where food is prepared. This breach in hygiene standards is a threat to staff as well as customers. This means that it is vital for you to intervene immediately and contact a professional commercial pest control service.

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Why Choose Premier Pest Control?

Premier Pest Control can provide a variety of services for commercial pest control in Liverpool.

Our team of qualified pest control experts safely use industry-leading products which are more effective than anything you could purchase over the counter. Premier Pest Control and our staff are approved and accredited by the British Pest Control Association, the Royal Society for Public Health, and SafeContractor.

We can help you to resolve your pest problem, no matter the species of vermin. Find more information about the types of pests we offer removal, extermination, and pest management inspection services for below.


Premises, where large amounts of food are prepared, are a major draw for cockroaches. These dark-coloured insects are relatively large at around 30mm in length.

Seeing one of these in a restaurant or any business establishment indicates poor housekeeping standards. They are likely to infest any warm building with small openings for them to enter through. Since they can manoeuvre through cracks in walls and doors, a cockroach infestation can be difficult to eradicate.

Premier Pest Control uses residual insecticides and insecticidal gels to exterminate the cockroaches.

Commercial Cockroach Control


A common culprit for infesting any kind of building is the house mouse.

Mice can get into foodstuffs, nest inside buildings, and leave droppings. Removal is necessary for your business to comply with public health and safety laws. Popular home methods of mouse control like mousetraps and poison are not viable in large public buildings. Premier Pest Control uses professional and more efficient equipment to get rid of mice.

In cases of frequent infestation, Premier Pest Control can offer an ongoing contract to maintain a vermin-free working environment.

Commercial Mouse Control


Brown rats commonly infest buildings, sewers, and outdoor public spaces. They can breed all year round and will squeeze through holes in walls in search of food and shelter. Rats will eat most kinds of food but prefer protein and starch. Sometimes they will stockpile food, which attracts other pests. Rats can carry lice and fleas, and spread deadly infections like leptospirosis.

Rats are a huge threat to health, especially in culinary and public health establishments. Premier Pest Control will inspect the premises and immediately pursue appropriate extermination methods.

Commercial Rat Control


While pigeons are less likely to infest a commercial property indoors, they can still be a nuisance. If they roost or gather on the outside of the building, they can be a hazard to pedestrians and cause property damage.

Aside from carrying diseases, pigeon droppings everywhere will look repulsive and can turn customers away. Premier Pest Control are experts in pigeon deterrents.

We can apply the most fitting proofing methods, like netting and spikes, to keep your building free of the pesky birds. For these pests, exclusion is the best tactic to ensure removal.

Commercial Pigeon Control

Garden Ants

They may be small, but garden ants can become a massive problem.

They exist in colonies, so their numbers can overwhelm your property if you don’t take immediate action. Premier Pest Control offers a professional insecticide treatment to stop the infestation before it gets too out of hand.

Contact us as soon as you notice ants or ant hills around your property, especially if your commercial enterprise involves food production. In some cases ants can nest in the walls, making it incredibly difficult to remove them without help from specialists like Premier Pest Control.

Commercial Ant Control

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