Garden Ants

Garden ants or ‘black ants’ (Lasius niger) are a nuisance in the home and especially in food premises. They can climb very well and can get on worktops and surfaces, causing hygiene issues. Your customers seeing ants all over the worktops, displays, bars and tables (and even on your products) will not want to eat/purchase any food items that garden ants may have contaminated.


Garden ant


In the summer, garden ants swarm and can be a real problem on or around any type of premises. Considering this, if you do have a garden ant issue, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent the infestation reaching the swarming stage.

Garden ant control

Garden ants are usually dealt with using a residual insecticide spray, in and around where they appear from their nest (usually underground). This may need several insecticide treatments to rid your garden ants infestation. Again, we only use professional-grade insecticides.

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